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Now Here's A Sure Way To Get The Jump On Your Competition & Start Making More Money Than Ever Thought Possible!


It Doesn't Matter Whether You've Ever Joined A Matrix Program In The Past or Not... Because Now You Can Join This Unique New Matrix Program & Be On The MOST PROFITABLE SIDE OF THE EQUATION!



From the Desk of Mrs. Nichole Francique-Roberts, Operations Manager and Owner of TIIPOWERMATRIX.NET!

In today's society, there's a strong demand for affordable online programs that provide members with quality advertising and newly released products that they can put to good use, as well as a way to make referral commissions quickly and easily that create a reliable, regular income.

If you're tired of joining programs that don't end up making you any money... then you really need to keep reading, because you won't be disappointed with the results you can achieve with our program.

We have developed this matrix system to take the hard work out of promoting and building a downline, while making it simple and straight forward for members to make money several ways in a short period of time ----with little effort.



Massive Team Building with some incredible bonuses such as: education, laptop, cell phone, ipad, and car!


Earn a referral bonus of $1 Million when your referrals complete all ad package matrices.


Receive automatic paid entries in each Phase that follows when you complete each matrix. You would continue to get automatic entries till infinity so this income opportunity never stops.


You'll receive an automatic paid entry in our Ad Package Phase 2 when you complete Ad Package Phase 1! 


The money doesn't stop there... complete Phase 15 and 16 to earn over  $9 Million! Yes, that's RIGHT! 

Ever Been In A Matrix That Stalled? That's Not Going To Happen Here Because We've Taken Measures Against That!

Our unique matrix system keeps working continually to ensure our members are in a positive position pocketing profits month after month. With program longevity planned in advance, and stealth tactics included in our compensation plan, is formulated to continue to grow and prosper over time.

Here's how our program works:

Ad Package Phase 1 is a 2 x 2 Matrix System costing $2.95 plus payment processor fee of $0.70 so that gives a total of $3.65. A member  would receive 1,000 text ad views and 1,000 banner ad views. 

When a member completes Ad Package Phase 1, they would receive $7 to their account that is used for an automatic entry into Phase 2. Phase 2 gives a payout of $10 and Phase 16 gives a payout of $6,190,500.00.

Members would get automatic paid entries into each matrix that follows. Once all matrices are completed, a member would receive over 8,000,000 text ad views, and over 8,000,000 banner ad views. 

Are You Getting Excited About The Huge Potential For Higher Income?

Our program offer the following benefits:


Perfect solution for team building to create instant wealth.


This is a Regular Forced Matrix Combination... Yes, you do get spillover!


Build your business with our fourteen  2 x 2 , two 2 x 5, and one 2 x 10 matrices.


Very affordable one-time $3.65 fee to be entered into the matrix. 


$250 position in Phase 15 gives you over $3 Million in Cash Payout and you can get an automatic paid entry into phase 16.


Referral's bonus of $1 Million for every affiliate you refer that completes all matrices. 


Automatic entry into Phase 2 under a new position after you complete Phase 1.


10,000, 20,000, 40,000 and more... in Google style text ad impressions rotated throughout our site.


10,000, 20,000, 40,000 and more... views of your banner rotated throughout our site.


Easy use of the following payment processors: payza, solid trust pay, coinpayments, payspree, bitcoin, and payeer.


Statistical reports of your downline, their name, and commissions owing, and paid. 


24/7 Customer Support 365 days of the year.

Are you starting to see just why our program is quickly becoming so popular? It's because our members are active promoters who aren't afraid of making extra money online. In fact, the rewards are so good at, you simply need to signup to see them for yourself!

All members that signup would receive special bonuses as they complete different Ad Package Phases. Look at some of the bonuses you would receive:

Now it's time to take the most important step and click the button below to complete the signup form. We can tell you now that we've made it very affordable for everyone that sees this offer to signup immediately without breaking the bank!

But you'll need to act fast, because foundation members can join for a lower price right now. We're going to be increasing the membership fee when we reach 1500 members... so don't hesitate.

*All For A One-Time Fee Of Just $3.65* 

So what are you waiting for? Jump on the money train & get going now!

There's no time like the present to get started, and the sooner you do... the sooner you'll be able to promote and start making some extra money! Hesitate and the price could go up before you even blink an eyelid. If ever there was a good time to join a program that's really going places, like up through the roof like a skyrocket, then NOW is that time.

Click the link below to get started immediately!


We look forward to welcoming you in the member's area! 


Nichole Francique-Roberts (Mrs)

PS. When we were in the planning stages of creating this program, we had a strategizing session that figured out how many people needed to join before we increased the price... This has worked out better than we expected because we're finding that more people are signing up as word gets out about the money being made here.

If you'd like to see your slice of the pie in your online payment account, then scroll up and click that "Join Here" link now! It'll be the best move you've ever made to secure your financial future. (Probably the most fun you'll have as well!)






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